Magical Girl Obsession: On the Subject of Leaks

So of course, after I say I can't think of anything to say, I have something to say. And it needs to be said.

You are not entitled to information leaks about a TV show and/or movie.

Again, you are not entitled to leaks.

You are not entitled to leaks.

As much as December info leaks are seen as a sort of Pretty Cure tradition at this point, they are not something the staff of the show actually wants to happen.  They want you to be surprised & interested in the show because of the information they offer, not because someone found an early design in a detail-reduced form on a candy wrapper.  They want you to enjoy the plot twists, not have them spoiled months in advance by copyright registrations being trolled for info.  Have a bit of basic respect for the creators wanting to give you the best experience they can.

Toei has, on the whole, gotten pretty good at thwarting the leak-makers.  After the aforementioned copyright searchers spoiled the reveal of Cure Sunshine in the early weeks of Heartcatch, they created whole characters, settings, & plot lines for Suite that were deliberate red herrings to keep the real story & cast from being spoiled.  They've managed to keep merchandise previews with pictures from being released until a week or two before the official announcement.  They've found a way to incorporate the potential leaks into the intended hype cycle.

But the Suite fake-outs wouldn't be necessary if people didn't feel that these leaks were somehow owed to them.  People on the internet tend to be... impatient, and like I said before, they don't have much respect for the human beings behind the stuff they enjoy.  Just look at the people demanding George RR Martin "finish writing before you die", which is wrong & insulting on so many levels towards someone they claim to respect.  Waiting a week or two extra shouldn't be treated as a form of punishment - although for some of you, it's really deserved.

EDIT: So of course the first poster is released the evening I write this.  I will write up a post reacting to the Maho Girls Precure designs once I can view them in a less busy manner.  Seriously, that poster is kinda busy & doesn't give you much of a design idea other than their faces & their fairies. So look forward to that eventually.


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