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Ink & Paint: The Return of Toonami

Recent comic events/commentaries/columns have made me think about what "creative ownership" (as opposed to legal ownership) entales, but that can wait for a bit.  Comic book divas aren't going anywhere no matter how much we'd all appreciate it if John Byrne shut the fuck up for a change.  So I am here to talk about Toonami.

In less than a week, the Adult Swim block/subnetwork is bring back Toonami, and I am both nervous & excited for it.

On one hand, I am really hoping that they don't make it strictly a nostalgia block.  Toonami was largely responsible, at least as far as I could see, for the anime boom of the late 90s/early 00s.  It helped mark Cartoon Network under that (better) regime as the premiere network for action animation of all kinds and from all countries.  To reduce it to a "Hey, remember Ronin Warriors?" type of block would be a magnificant waste.  As much I would like to see certain shows aired again, it would be a huge step backwards…