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Archivals #2: Curiosities of Early Cable TV

Don't ask me why, but I find history of TV as a medium rather interesting.  The early days of cable are particularly fascinating, since the commercial realities and availabilities are totally alien to today's market.  The difference between my area, which was a sort of "early adopter" of cable TV, and other regions where you think there'd be a rush to get it (like Chicago, as you'll see) is also interestingly baffling.  I can't see anyone putting up with a station that (a) required an extra payment, (b) was only broadcast part-time over a UHF signal, and (c) required a special piece of equipment just to receive it & it alone like OnTV did.  And they definitely wouldn't cotton to a limited-time-even-for-recordings service like Tele1st, which is truly the oddest of the bunch.

This was originally written on 5/2/2008.


I was home sick, again, most of Monday and all of Tuesday. Usually, when that happens, I wind up goofing off on YouTube (since the d…

Archivals #1: A W.I.T.C.H. Retrospective

(Welcome to the first true Archival entry.  This one will cover several entries, with new commentary being provided, as per tradition, in colored italics.)

Disney's W.I.T.C.H. was a series that I had an odd relationship with - I liked the concept & designs more than the execution, and the TV adaptation proved to be as uneven a mixed bag as the source material, just in different ways.  I still have a weird fondness for the series, even if it's no longer available in English anywhere (heck, the English publications from the Phillipines stopped mid-story arc).  Maybe it's because I really, really wanted a big company like Disney to prove that magical girls can be done for our market; after all, it's still going strong in its native Italy, and they're second to Japan as far as loving the genre.  With that, I present three musings on W.I.T.C.H. & my relationship with the franchise before Disney decided to leave it in Europe for good.

(Original date: 5/31/2006)