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The Inevitable Year in Review, Part Two

The first five hit the internet yesterday to... the usual level of interest, so here's the second half of my 2012 retrospective.  I'll be honest with you - this one skews a bit more negative.

Worst Trend, Animation:  The Disappearance of Action Shows from Cartoon Network.  This one is kind of self-explanatory; CN had a reputation as a place for high quality action shows, and they've decided to let it slide, even actively hastening the removal of the genre they used to champion.  I would argue that its two most successful originals, Adventure Time and Regular Show, manage to be "stealth" action shows, but they're also known for their humor.  Out of all the DC Nation shorts to take to series, they choose the fine-in-short-bursts Tiny Titans instead of the series that fans actually demanded (but that's due to CN's well-known sexism as much as anything).  Toonami's return is entirely dependent on internet word of mouth to promote it (Steve Blum being t…

The Inevitable Year in Review, Part One

Y'know, as bad as it sounds, part of me was a bit bummed the Mayans got it wrong. Saying this wasn't a great year is like saying Sandy was a light drizzle. But bygones - we've got an end of year list to do! And I have actual Best Ofs to do, too!

Best TV Show:The Legend of Korra. Holy shit, what a perfect show. This is the kind of work O can only dream of making. You had a heroine who wasn't drawn to look like a fashion doll, you had a conflict that addressed heavy themes, and you had use of taboo subjects on one of the last networks that I ever expected to even broach them. Couple it with an endearing cast, an already rich mythology, and sumptuous animation, and you have a perfect show. Anyone bitching about the ending (and sadly, they're out there) missed its entire point and really be better sticking to something simpler, like Ninjago. I'm curious where they'll take things next season, as this seemed to be a perfect compact package; and if they mess…

An end-of-year update

Hello, everyone.  I'm just putting a quick note to discuss soem of the semi-regular stuff that's being cycled in & out of Detritus before I get to an end-of-year summary.  First, though, let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukkah, Happy New Years, and Happy Anything Else I Missed.  Here's hoping 2013 isn't too painful.

Anyway, I'd like to update everyone on a column being bumped and another being started.  I won't give up on them permanently, but I've decided to put the Omnicommentaries on the shelf for a while.  I find myself tending too much towards the negative; reading these with adult eyes is making me see stuff that flew right over my younger self's head but now drives me bonkers.  I don't want to be mean, but I feel like some of the elements in those early Legionnaires issues (Saturn Girl & Live Wire's Lifetime-tastic romance, a "beach" issue with a gruesome mood-killing plot hole, Chris Gardner's…

Ink & Paint: Let's Hope It's Heart-Pounding

Another year, another Precure new series announcement.  It's the tenth anniversary or season, too (not sure which).  After the Hibiki-ness of Suite and the meandering dullness of Smile, it's hard to be optimistic.  It really is.  I detailed why earlier, so I won't repeat myself.  But you need to go into a new season with at least a semblence of a clean slate, so let's review the new Doki Doki! Precure official announcement poster.

First things first, I LOVE the card suit theme.  I thought using it as a sort of secondary theme in Fresh felt a bit wasted, and I like how they're playing around with some of the European & Tarot suits, too (for instance, Cure Sword is the spade & Cure Rosetta is the club, both parallels from those traditions).  So I'm looking forward to what they'll do with that.

Second, I like the throwback to the original Futari wa Precure series by having the mascots/transformation items be cell phone animal things.  The last few tran…

CASB: On Nonstarting Upstarts

Non-starter villains fascinate me.  Lately, they seem to be epidemic in comics, but I chalk that up to the current wave of nostalgia for the pre-collapse 90s.  That was when you got some real prize specimens of the non-starter species.  In the very first X-Men comic I read, I got a whole team of 'em.

Remember the Upstarts?  The gaggle of new villains that largely existed to slaughter whole supporting teams so the Gamesmaster could reward them with... something or other?  Yeah, they mostly sucked.  But like most things I encounter, they didn't have to.  In fact, the initial plans that were trickled out before the "reveal" of their purpose actually showed they had a decent foundation.

Y'see, the original plan was that Selene, one of my favorite creepy X-baddies, would have been the ringleader instead of the super-vague Gamesmaster.  The Upstart kids indicated a few times that they were expecting immortality as their prize, while Selene gloated to herself at one poi…