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New Mutants-Vember: New Mutants Forever (Review)

REVIEW: New Mutants Forever: The Fall of Nova Roma”
Chris Claremont (writer); Al Rio (penciller); Bob McLeod (inker); Guru EFX (colorist); Tom Orzechowski (letterer); collected in trade 2011, originally published between 2010 & 2011 (months not given in the trade indicia).
Issue 1, “Shadows in the Night”:  The New Mutants are staying the night at the Hellfire Club’s NYC headquarters after the big dance/race with the Hellions in #54 (see below).  While Doug helps Amara determine whether Selene’s claim that they’re related, the others go to Central Park (right outside the club).  While in the park, they are attacked by armed men, and they discover that Amara’s father is one of their targets.  The armed men rush the club, resulting in Rahne & Emma being hurt, and only stop fighting when they are killed en masse.  In the fight, Doug & Amara are kidnapped.  Amara’s father reveals he was trying to warn the Club (Selene in particular) about someone targeting Nova Roma & their f…

New Mutants-vember: Bottom 5 Least Favorite Simonson Plotlines

Most people would list the worst run in any of the X-books to be Chuck Austen’s Uncanny X-Men run, and they’d be right.  But for personal reasons (because I have enough sense to avoid stuff written by a dude who rolled up from Penthouse of all places), I find that Louise Simonson’s run on New Mutants to be far more infuriating and upsetting.  Her run took a book that proved teen books didn’t have to be just soap opera and could literally do anything, and turned it into a generic mishmash.  Worse, it undid a lot of the good that the early days of the book had created.
Granted, some of the stuff isn’t on her head.  I really do believe her now that the decision to kill off Doug Ramsey was her trying to call fans’ bluffs.  The dropped ideas at the end of her run thanks to the coming of Liefeld, when there were actual interesting new concepts & plots introduced without explanation, are not her fault in the slightest – in fact, if they worked at all, it’s probably because of her.  But th…

New Mutants-Vember: For the Love of Hellions

In my mind, the Hellions are an integral part of the New Mutants’ history as a team.They were positioned as their evil counterparts, but thanks to smart development, it was made clear that only a handful were truly “evil” – and one of those, I have my doubts.They were friends & allies as much as dark mirrors to the heroes, and it was a shame that such an interesting & different relationship wasn’t explored as much (after Claremont left, they basically vanished from comics until it was time to kill them off).In fact, I would say the biggest strength of the DeFilippis/Weir title is that they really showed how their team of Hellions related with their team of New Mutants and made them even more fleshed-out & interesting than most of the heroes.Seriously, the Hellions mini was the best thing in their run, since it focused on the characters that were actually compelling (and also Wither).

ORIGINAL HELLIONS: If I had to give an honest answer as to a favorite of the original tea…

New Mutants-Vember: Bottom 5 New Mutants Members

You know how every action has an equal and opposite reaction?Well, every list of favorite team members has an equal and opposite list of characters I don’t like.I apologize if it’s a bit heavy with DeFilippis/Weir characters, but remember what I said about it being hit or miss; my absolute favorite characters they handled will be largely addressed next week, when I talk about everyone’s favorite frenemy team, the Hellions.
5. Wither: He has the rare distinction of being one of two Hellions I dislike as well.He’s one of those characters whose whole schtick is the reason the X-Men franchise has a reputation for wangst; yes, his powers sucked, but that was literally all there was to him – he had destructive powers & he hated them.He was so absorbed into hating them that he failed to notice when something not crappy (i.e. Mercury was inexplicably smitten with him) was approaching him, and he only went along with Selene because all she cared about were his powers, which were all he was …

New Mutants-Vember: Let the Festivities Commence!

Looking back on my history with the X-books, I realized that pretty much both of the seminal gateways to the world of the X-Men were bound to the New Mutants.The very first comic I picked up was Uncanny #281, that atrocious issue where the Hellions (among many other established characters) were killed off by the failed villain team the Upstarts.Later, when I discovered the franchise’s golden age in the 80s, it was through the storyline where Kulan Gath turned New York into a fantasy land thanks to Classic X-Men; in that story, most of the New Mutants were his minions, while Warlock was among the handful of heroes fighting to free the city.Probably not the best place for a newbie to come into the X-books in either case, but these two initial intros were what led to my fascination with the New Mutants.

But being fond of something for its place as an early introduction is one thing; my love of New Mutants is more than nostalgia.During Chris Claremont’s run on the title, I saw a comic wh…