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Ink & Paint: A DC Nation in Crisis

So Cartoon Network released their newest schedule announcements, taking great pains to remind you that they're still "number one boys' network" so you don't need to worry about catching girl cooties from that PPG revival they have planned.  And allow me to join the disappointed chorus of voices regarding the unspoken but more or less verified changes to the DC Nation block.

For the unaware, when CN's PR pieces mentioned DC Nation, they made a point to mention the Teen Titans revival and the new Batman show.  Not once anywhere were the two current shows on the block - or the shorts for that matter - mentioned.  Thus, many of us are working under the assumption that Green Lantern and Young Justice are coming to an early end.  This is very disappointing.

My feelings on Young Justice are well known, but I commisserate with anyone who's a fan & is upset by the loss.  And while I don't generally care for TV CGI shows, the episodes of Green Lantern I cau…

Nerdstalgia: For the Love of Fraggles

So, 30 years ago today, back when they still wanted viewers under 18 now & then, HBO debuted a little show called Fraggle Rock.  It was made by this guy you might have heard of, Jim Henson.  I grew up watching this (the Philly area was an early adopter of cable & we got free HBO for a decade or so), and I can say without hesitation that Fraggle Rock was Jim Henson's finest work.

That last sentence made my comic shop guy do a double-take in surprise.  As he put it, "That's a tall order to give any of his work."  And he's right, but I really feel Fraggle Rock was the best thing Henson ever did.

One reason I feel this way is because it had a true universality.  The lion's share of the show was set in the Rock, where you didn't have to worry about localization like you did with Sesame Street; while they did do some localized content, such as different Docs or different Uncle Travelling Matt segments (the funniest of which was a Britain-only one involv…