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Ink & Paint: Is This the Final Countdown for Ben 10?

So, even though I'm mostly a lapsed viewer, I still follow the Ben 10 franchise and want it to do well.  I may have lost interest with Ultimate Alien's mix of pandering to the whinier fans of the original series who miss the flat characterizations & accidental incestuous flirting and threats that are nakedly obvious but treated as though they're terribly nebulous; but the franchise as a whole is likable enough that  wouldn't like to see it end.  It's Dial H for Hero without some of the ickier baggage that franchise gained in the 80s & has never been able to shake, and while the audience participation angle is cute, the alien forms Ben can assume are just so, so much more interesting.  Behind each of those is a whole planet, species, and culture that can be explored, and it opens up a lot of possibility that has occassionally been addressed.

But did you know that there was a new episode today?  And that they'll be another next week?  You might have misse…