Watch this space?

I wanted to put the old Toonami "Watch This Space" screen here, but Google has both failed me and insulted me with a bunch of Adult Swim crap. To say I do not like Adult Swim is an understatement. Anyway...

You may have noticed that I haven't done squat here. I had plans, but here's what happened to them:

- There are better nostalgia comic reviewers out there, the books I had planned either have gaps I can't fill or low interest rates, and frankly, lately the whole field of nostalgia comic reviewers attract people from a campaign that think having a character come out as gay is "character assassination". So between respect for people doing it better over more interesting titles and not wanting to have my comments filled with Comics Dudes, those aren't getting done.

- The Legion essay and some of the points therein was permanently dropped, thanks to DC Comics devoting itself to wasting all of its best ideas, doubling down on its worst ones, and generall…

Magical Girl Obsession: Magical Girl Comparison Project

Hi, I'm Mela, and (sigh) I like Magical Girl Raising Project.

This is one of those magical girl series you aren't supposed to like if you're a fan of the genre. It's dark, it has a lot of violence, and to those who haven't watched or (preferably) read it, it seems like torture porn. But if you actually do read/watch, you learn that's not the case; none of the violence is glorified, the world is an interesting one filled with interesting characters on all sides, and it has a running theme about how bureaucratic apathy allows for terrible things to happen & good people have to push back against it to change things.  It also has some fairly creative powers and designs.

So yeah, now that the books are available legally, I'd recommend them to anyone.  I'm still anxious to see how the cliffhanger at the end of the second book plays out, and since it's part of a murder mystery (a genre that's traditionally left me cold), I think that says something.


Magical Girl Obsession: Hugtto You, Too - Precure Leak Reactions

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Precure Leak Season!

I have to admit, through not much fault of its own, I've kind of drifted away from Kira Kira Precure a la Mode; the site I used decided to make like every other fansub site and align with some shady advertisers that every form of protection I have on my devices rebelled against me ever visiting.  I found some of what I could watch boring (I missed the fights & flashy attacks that weren't just glitter water), and thanks to my situation, I wound up missing really interesting developments with the characters (especially the villains). Because of this, I'm not too optimistic I'll be able to even watch Hugtto Precure when it comes out, unless I find a safer place to do so. 

Which kind of stinks cuz I really dig these designs.

The theme this year apparently, according to a translation of the preview page on the official site, is "follow your dreams, you can do anything". So it seems pretty open-end…

Ink and Paint: Thoughts on a Curious Fandom

I have a deep guilty fondness for Captain Planet. It's cheesy, super-simplified with how it handles major issues (especially the social ones), and it wears its intentions not so much on its sleeve as on its chest in day-glo neon. But there's something about it I always enjoyed. I don't know if it's the "international team" setup (which I've had a fondness for from reading years & years of X-books) or the sheer sincerity of it all in trying to teach complicated things at all. Or maybe I like a lot of the VAs they used to replace most of the celebrities once they got bored. But it's something I like, and its reputation as a cultural laughing stock even among those of us who agree with its messages kind of makes that embarrassing to admit.

When I was trying to do MSTings (back when they were formatted like USENet conversations) back in college, I'd go through different fandoms that weren't being used as regular subjects by other writers, and t…

Tweet storms, for your enjoyment

I'm on Twitter a lot, so I have a couple of recent tweet storms to share that I archived on Storify.

First, thoughts on my idea for a hidden object game that will never exist.  Mostly because that genre is becoming weirdly allergic to humor, showing that there is still little difference between those into AAA games & those into casuals. Thanks, Blogger, for making these non-embeddable. Real cool.

Next, this morning's epic tweet storm detailing my theory/evidence about a Jonny Quest multiverse.  This is what my brain is like, folks.  Again, wanted to embed a slideshow, but Blogger won't play along.

Feel free to check out my Twitter if you want complaining about TV, comics, public transit, & who knows.  It's basically a bite-sized version of what I've done here, albeit usually with more swearing.

Magical Girl Obsession: KiraKira Mew, Precure

Okay, so I've been putting this one off for a bunch of reasons (90% of them personal), but there's a big one - Maho Girls Precure was boring. It was DULL. And it's not because it followed in the wake of a really strong season - the fights were lackluster, the villains were rather bland, the stakes never felt dramatic in any way, and the universe didn't feel very fun (it really felt like someone had recently read the Harry Potter books & wanted to make them more cutesy). It just didn't have the humor or character pieces that even Precure's weaker seasons have managed, and it actively made me wonder if I still liked Precure at all because it was just so... blah. Somehow, blah is worse than bad, since with bad, you can at least see things that could have been executed well; with blah, there isn't even that squandered potential or that urge to rage-watch & see how much worse things get. I liked the designs a lot (especially the deliberate ridiculousness…

Ink & Paint: Junko Enoshima Has Won

Ever encounter a series that you've enjoyed every entry of, even the ones that seem to be a bit too different from the previous entries, until one comes along that just takes all of that goodwill and curb stomps it?

Cuz that is exactly what I'm going through with Danganronpa right now.

(Take warning now - to articulate what bothers me, I'm going to be spoiling a LOT, from the new anime to the games. So leave if you're afraid of being spoiled. This goes for the DR3 anime, at least through the 5th episodes of each arc; if I missed anything from there out, I stopped watching & can catch up via reviews/the wiki entry.)

I loved the games. Even though the trials' rhythm game elements were infuriatingly tough for me (not a genre I'm good at) and Absolute Despair Girls was a third-person shooter, their stories & characters sucked me into this weird, twisted universe. Even the worst of them likability-wise were at least entertaining, and thanks to after-game stuff,…