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Overthinking Everything: What's So Tricky About Peace, Love, and Understanding?

So I recently happened across the Legion Abstract, where author Matthew E had this exchange with a commenter named Jip:

JIP: An optimistic far future is what the Legion was originally founded on. Since that vision is no longer in style, it has been a MAJOR [his emphasis] challenge to plot and write stories.

MATTHEW E: It can still be done, though. Nothing wrong with swimming against the tide.

This begs a question that's been on my mind lately, for a long list of reasons both pop cultural & personal: Since when is optimism considered "tricky"?  Since when is a story with an overall optimistic tone considered a hard sell?  And why are you considered na├»ve at best if you don't subscribe to that attitude?

This is something that extends to everything from movies to comics to what amounts to an expected worldview.  Apparently, if you aren't horribly cynical, there's something wrong with you; you cannot be savvy and optimistic at the same time.  I make a delibe…