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List-O-Rama: Top Five Musicals

Now that things have sort of settled down, even if they aren't necessarily resolved, I can finally start updating again.  This is something I wrote before Christmas, but I'm finally getting the chance to post it.  It was a response to yet another Top Five podcast, this time counting down the Top Five Musicals.  My definition of a musical is pretty simple - it's a work with music that is (a) original to the work itself and (b) integral to the development of the plot & characters.  This rules out revue-like shows that are largely plotless (a good example of this would be Cats, which only has brief fits of plot between the poems-turned-songs).  This also rules out "jukebox" musicals, where people take existing songs and try to work a plot around them (popular examples include Jersey Boys & Momma Mia!, as well as a show that would make up all entries in a "Top Five Most Obnoxiously Self-Congratulatory Uses of Offensive Stereotypes" list, Glee).  Whi…