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Watch this space?

I wanted to put the old Toonami "Watch This Space" screen here, but Google has both failed me and insulted me with a bunch of Adult Swim crap. To say I do not like Adult Swim is an understatement. Anyway...

You may have noticed that I haven't done squat here. I had plans, but here's what happened to them:

- There are better nostalgia comic reviewers out there, the books I had planned either have gaps I can't fill or low interest rates, and frankly, lately the whole field of nostalgia comic reviewers attract people from a campaign that think having a character come out as gay is "character assassination". So between respect for people doing it better over more interesting titles and not wanting to have my comments filled with Comics Dudes, those aren't getting done.

- The Legion essay and some of the points therein was permanently dropped, thanks to DC Comics devoting itself to wasting all of its best ideas, doubling down on its worst ones, and generall…

Magical Girl Obsession: Magical Girl Comparison Project

Hi, I'm Mela, and (sigh) I like Magical Girl Raising Project.

This is one of those magical girl series you aren't supposed to like if you're a fan of the genre. It's dark, it has a lot of violence, and to those who haven't watched or (preferably) read it, it seems like torture porn. But if you actually do read/watch, you learn that's not the case; none of the violence is glorified, the world is an interesting one filled with interesting characters on all sides, and it has a running theme about how bureaucratic apathy allows for terrible things to happen & good people have to push back against it to change things.  It also has some fairly creative powers and designs.

So yeah, now that the books are available legally, I'd recommend them to anyone.  I'm still anxious to see how the cliffhanger at the end of the second book plays out, and since it's part of a murder mystery (a genre that's traditionally left me cold), I think that says something.