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2011 in Review (Mela Style)

Yes, now that 2011 is on its way out, and all we have to look forward to next year is NBC's piss-poor Olympic coverage & yet another painfully venomous election before Armageddon mercifully hits us all, it's time.  Time, of course, for yet another end-of-year list.  Now, since everyone else is going best/worst of different media, I am taking a different track.  I am listing off different trends, events, and other such things that struck my attention about 2011.

Best DVD Release:  TIE!  MST3k Versus Gamera and Jem: The Complete Series.  Both of these have been personally long-awaited, and they did not disappoint.  My only serious nitpick with either one is that the extra about the fandom on the Jem set, which seemed rather weak compared to the other extras.  But both of these were DVD sets that I actively cheered when I got them, so choosing one over the other would be too damn hard.

Best Web Review Series:  Marzgurl's Don Bluth Retrospective.  (I'd also like to give …

Omnicommentary #3: I'll Love Her and Keep Her and Call Her George

Legionnaires #3: The Beast Below

Creative Team: Tom & Mary Bierbaum (writers); Chris Sprouse (artist); Karl Story (inker); Pat Brosseau (letterer); Tom McCraw (colorist); June 1993

Legion Roll Call: Andromeda; Brainiac 5; Cosmic Boy; Dragonmage; Gossamer; Invisible Kid; Inferno; Leviathan; Live Wire; Shrinking Violet.

Miscellaneous Notes: This issue's note is "Special thanks to Gaijin Studios".  Chris Sprouse was part of this art group, along with Cully Hamner, Adam Hughes, and other notables.  Sadly, as of early 2011, Gaijin has shut down and parted ways.

Summary: Leviathan tries to fight the stony monster (seen last issue killing two tech workers), but he accidentally knocks out Gossamer & winds up being knocked out himself.  Brainy identifies the monster as Mordecai, gets a rescue party together, and intends to hit it with a suspended animation gun to move it to safety.  Gossamer, of course, is safe - Mordecai has locked her in a little cage and written her a poem…

List-O-Rama: Many Things They Never Should Have Cancelled

I just want to warn everyone: This will be an epic-length post.  If you don't feel like reading a lot, just scan for the stuff in bold for what each subject is.

So at Major Spoilers, their newest podcast Top Five did a show about the Top Five Things They Never Should Have Cancelled.  Their answers cover everything from TV to food to the space program (thoroughly agree with that one), and they asked listeners to share what theirs would be.  I wanted to write a response to it in the comments, but as I thought about it more & more, I realized that I had waaaaaaaay more than five things.  So here's 15 things they never should have cancelled and why.

Honorable Mention - Raising Hope:  This is technically not cancelled... yet.  Fox is doing their damnedest to justify doing so, however, in such a ham-fisted way that it's downright inexcusable.  The story of Jimmy Chance & his attempts to raise his daughter (whose mother was a serial killer sent to the chair) with the help …

Ink and Paint: Smile! You're on Pretty Cure!

It's that time of year again, time for Toei to announce the new season of Pretty Cure.  Even if the most exposure I get are YouTube clips and stills with episode reviews (because I've had terrible, virusy experiences with fansubs and anime importers are apparenlty just as sexist as American producers), I still enjoy following the franchise.  It's the perfect combination of punch-inna-face action and magic girl frilliness.  So even though it'll inevitably be greeting with cries of "It's not as good as (insert favorite season/continuity here)!  It's the end of Precure!", I can't help but look forward to it and share my first impressions.

Here's the first poster from it (source link):

According to preliminary info, the series has a fairy tale theme and the characters are Cure Happy (pink), Cure Sunny (orange/red), Cure Peace (yellow), Cure March (green - her name references Maerchenland*, the magical world for this season & the German word fo…