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One Less Reason to be Miserable

So this morning, after much thought to distract myself from Snowpocalypse II: The Snowening, I decided to delete my Livejournal.

All of the Archivals I felt like reposting have more or less been reposted - I re-read a lot of them & find them rather lacking.  All of my personal friends have stopped posting there.  All of the groups I was part of are either inactive or become mockeries of their former selves (PCLJ, I'm looking at you & your decision to mock a 4-year-old for her frankly superior taste in TV).  So it's not like I really had anything there worthwhile that I haven't saved or reposted already.

One of the most telling moments I always think of when I think of why I left Livejournal is the Great Blackout.  It said a lot about Six Apart's priorities when they were content to let the Putin administration in their home country shut down their entire site to silence political dissent until Time Magazine pointed this out to the rest of the world.  They truly…