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Ink & Paint: OUTRAGEOUS!

Now that Nanowrimo has truly & wholly been failed, it's time to write about cartoons again.  And comics.  And cartoons based off of comics.

To be precise, we're here to pay respects to Batman: The Brave & The Bold as it prepares to bow out and leave only Young Justice & its carnival of well-animated unlikable jerks until the DC Nation block starts.

I will be honest:  I did NOT enjoy most of the first season of this show.  As cool as it was to have Aquaman with a fun-loving personality or see Jaime Reyes in action, it felt like another of Cartoon Network's giant toy ad shows.  Aside from Aquaman, the heroes didn't seem to have a whole lot of personality, the plots were kind of slow & standard-issue, and many of the plot developments seemed like they were designed just to justify molding a chunk of plastic.  It put me off for some time, and it wouldn't be until later that I read an interview with James Tucker explaining that they had to front-load the…

Guess what?

I failed in less than a week.

Less than a week.

It's hard to find yourself inspired enough to make the stories & characters in your head come to life with words when you have more real-life stress than you should.  When you have one person who refuses to take on their share of household stress and another who lives to generate a surplus, it's gotta go somewhere, and that's usually me.  Also, it's a little hard when the person in the next room keeps insisting that you hunt down random objects for them or give your opinion on whatever manufactured outrage the harpies on The View are shouting over each other about or watch some inane reality show "highlight".  I've put my adult life on hold for you indefinitely - can't you give me one month where I can do one thing I want to do and be left to my own devices for a refreshing change?

So long as I live the life I have to live keep things running smoothly, I will never be able to write.  It'll be a Sh…

A General Note for November

If you see a post here after today, it will mean I failed.

I am trying to refrain from blogging during the month of November to concentrate on NaNoWriMo.  Even if I wind up writing a goddamned fanfic, I want to make it.  I haven't succeeded since 2007, and each year's returns have dwindled to less and less.  I am sick of it, and I want to make a concerted effort to hit that magic number this year, even if it's crap.  Since I can't remove real-world distractions like work or chores or sleeping, I have opted to abstain from blogging here (among other pasttimes - sorry, Dragon Quest IX).

That means that the third Omnicommentary will have to wait.  Addressing the sale of the Fraggle Rock movie rights to a studio that will inevitably produce a product designed to make me livid with nerd rage will have to wait.  Addressing Sam Register's maybe-brilliant-maybe-doomed decision to give Lauren Faust a girl-centric superhero show on the DC Nation block will have to wait.  Any…