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Overthinking Everything: In Which I Talk Muppets

Yes, we're talking the new TV show, so if you're worried about spoilers for what's basically a workplace sitcom & whose whole hype campaign is built around spoiling key elements, you might wanna avoid this post.
As you may remember, I am pretty darn passionate about Muppets. But given my reaction to the revival movie (where it put me off to the point I couldn't bring myself to watch the sequel), I was worried about the new show. Would it be more flailing to prove they're still part of the pop cultural landscape without any sincerity or would it actually be, y'know, good?  So I noted my reactions and concluded that it is... decent.
First, the Pros: - There is no flailing around and begging for relevance; the show follows the Muppets as the crew of a TV show, not as sad relics. The lack of "OMG, you guys, remember this" posturing alleviated one of my biggest fears. - Second, they don't try to tie things into the movies, which I was convinced they wo…