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A brief update/warning

No, not a real update... again.  I just want to give everyone a head's up as to what's coming.

Y'see, I've been looking back through my Livejournal and have decided to post some of my older, better posts here, along with commentary if necessary.  I talk about some weird, random shit (no surprise there), and it'll be nice to give it a public venue that won't be lost in a sea of ONTD clones & Russian spammers.

So keep an eye out for Archivals, coming sometime soon-ish.

Ink & Paint: Addressing the DC Nation

Well, I managed to get a bit of spare time, and since it's been two weeks, I wanna give my initial impressions of Cartoon Network's new DC Nation block.  It's too early to give an overall impression, but enough has aired that I want to give some summary of my reactions.  As usual, this will be in list format.

1. The Shorts Need Their Own Segment:  My DVR doesn't record the block as a whole, only as the two separate shows.  So whatever short is aired between GL & YJ is always cut in two.  Yes, I know, set a manual recording (which I did this week), but between that & the second short always being buried in the ads on YJ's commercial breaks, I think the shorts should get their own spots.  I liked them all, and it'd be nice to see them get their due.  That bizarre Aardman short that was basically "Creature Comforts" with superheroes & children each fed an entire bag of Dum Dums ties with the Plastic Man short & the inexplicable yet awesome…

Quasi-hiatus strikes again

Remember that real-life matter that I thought had settled into a safe, comfortable routine?

Yeah, totally wrong about that one.

So once again, I will be on an indefinite break.  I still have plenty of things I want to write about, but thanks to the chaos of real life, I don't have any time to actually write the final online versions of anything.  It's all rather ridiculous, but I'm still not about to give up on this.