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List-O-Rama: Coming Attractions

Here's a brief guide to the subtitles/tags/what-have-you that I plan on using here.  Each first entry (barring this one) will open with a brief explanation of why it's being used.)

List-O-Rama: I have a thing for lists; they're a great way to get stuff off my mind and keep it organized.  Find them all in one convenient place!

Four Color Philosophy: The topic for discussions of newspaper comics and their peculiarities.

Comics Are Serious Business: Because they are, dammit, here's the topic for it.

Ink and Paint: Animation discussions.  Named after a division that may not even exist anymore in animation but was traditionally where the ladies gravitated/were forced.

Overthinking Everything: Reviews, ramblings on creative trends, and a catch-all for when I get all long-winded.

Omnicommentaries: Reviews for all things Legion-related; originally it was just for back issues, but I'm thinking about expanding it to the three new titles starting this fall.

After-Battle Report: Excl…

Four Color Philosophy: You Still Don't Get It

(Four Color Philosophy is a tag/subtitle for discussions of traditional newspaper comic strips.  Since they have a culture & issues all their own separate from comic books, they deserve their own category.)

Check out this article, in particular the sections "Future of Comic Strips" and "Online Leaders".

First off, let me just say something: I fucking hateDustin.  It takes the worst moments of Zits (when the parents wallow in Baby Boomer nostalgia like pigs in shit and hate on Jeremy for not being middle-aged), gives it its own strip & constant focus, and adds a lovely "blame the victim" mentality as to why 20 & 30-somethings are being screwed over by the sour job market.  The only reason anyone likes it is because it's well drawn; the Cartoonist Society probably looks at the pretty art, ignores the bile in the word balloons, and decided to award based on its superficial quality.  Lio said it best in their Sunday parody: "Since I cannot…

Surveying the damage

Hello and welcome.  This is just an initial entry with some pending projects.  I decided to bite the bullet and start a separate blog for my projects, especially in light of recent troubles with the host of my traditional blog (Livejournal).  I will probably be archiving some of the posts that I feel are stronger here over time, but that probably won't be for a while.  For now, here's what's on the plate:

- Omnicommentaries: I had decided to look back at the Bierbaums' run on Legionnaires, and these will be the write-ups of my impressions.  It's modelled on other sites I've read (Not Blog X and the late X-Axis mostly), and this will be a while in the making.  This was the series that got me into the Legion, and I want to share my revisitation with everyone.

- After Battle Report: Because there's more to snark on Battle Chasers than just the delayed release.  The set I have (which is waaaay nicer than the series deserved) doesn't divide the issues up, so…