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Nerdstalgia: Muppets... Again? Only After the Season 4 DVDs, Please

I love the Muppets.  Ever since I was a spoiled child whose parents got cheap HBO and got to see the Down at Fraggle Rock behind-the-scenes special, Jim Henson has been one of my heroes.  As I get older, I appreciate his creations more & more not just out of nostalgia but out of an ability to see more than just silly felt & foam creatures doing silly things.  So it pains me to admit that, well, as much as I love the Muppets, I didn't really enjoy The Muppets.  And I kind of dread The Muppets... Again! to a degree.

Any movie that requires you to watch the deleted scenes for the basic plot & character beats to make sense is a movie that has failed.  There were three key flaws to it: Its main thematic driving element was an appeal to nostalgia without anything to really back up the feeling presented, it focused too much on a new creation at the expense of the existing well-loved characters, and it focused too much on the roles played by the human guest stars.  There's…