Magical Girl Obsession: The Princesses Are Here!

Yes, the leaks for the new Precure season, Go! Princess Precure, have been revealed via a candy company, quickly followed by an official debut on the next Precure All-Stars poster.  Here, see for yourselves.

Now, this is another Shibata season, so I'm not super optimistic.  But I just wanna put this out here, since it's apparently a minority opinion - I love these designs.  About the only thing I don't like is the mascot, who looks like 80s Poochie got lost trying to infiltrate the next season of Jewelpet (even then, I'm happy to see a mascot that's specifically a dog).  Here's a quick bullet point of the stuff that I like:

  • The Pink Cure (no official name yet) looks younger & less mature than her teammates, which sounds like a potential plot point.
  • In a nice break from a minor tradition, only one Cure has an eye color that matches her theme color.  This started with Yes! & sort of became an unofficial rule, but a break from this feels like a nice change of pace.
  • The girls' hair continues the proud Precure tradition of being kind of bonkers (see the hair-flower the Pink Cure is sporting) but still looks pretty stylish.  I especially like the hair streaks that each girl has framing her face, but I'm a sucker for two-toned hair.
  • The designs themselves have an old-school-shoujo vibe to them I really like.  Pink Cure in particular reminds me of Honoka from the very first Precure season.
  • I like the fact that the girls' dresses all look unique.  Granted, we haven't gotten much of a look at the lower portions of their outfits, but I like the differences in the uniforms.  Again, it reminds me of the first season, where Nagisa & Honoka had their own looks but still complimented each other.
Basically, all the stuff I like is the stuff the people on Tumblr & PCLJ hate the most.  All I've heard is "The dresses don't match!" or "The hair's too big!" or "The designs are too fussy!"  But these same people hated the vested-uniform look of Happiness Charge when it first showed up, and now they're holding that up as a pillar of good design in direct comparison to these.  Both are solid designs (except Cure Tender's secretarial skirt, but that's minor), and I look forward to seeing more about these characters once Toei officially announces them.

Now if only our inevitable fourth member will turn out to be green Cure instead of the usual purple...

EDIT: Of course after I write this Toei does the official announcement.  So now we have official names & official pictures:

So we have Cures Flora (pink), Mermaid (blue), & Twinkle (yellow) and their mascots Puff (Jewelpet Poochie) & Aroma (the bird).  I still love their dresses - in fact, I adore how they apparently switch between magical girl style & ballgown style.  And apparently, this season isn't totally set on Earth.  Hmmm... This might be as interesting as HaChaPre decided to become once Dark Cure Tender showed up.  I can't let this optimism run unchecked, though.


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