An Update

Shockingly, this blog isn't dead. I have had an exceptionally hectic private life right now, so I spend time off catching up on necessary things instead of doing fun stuff like blogging.

I have a special thing planned for next year called "Pilot Program", a look at the unsold pilots for merchandising toons that aired in the 80s & 90s as "specials" but never went to a full series (although the subject planned for the finale is sort of a special case).  But that won't be ready until after the holidays.

I don't anything I feel is worthy of doing a year-end wrap-up to discuss.  The same things that annoy & disappoint continue to multiply, and the handful of happy things can probably be predicted if you've read enough of my ramblings.  Smarter folks out there have sung the praises of Ms. Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy (and its amazing stinger guest star), so it's better to just read them.

In magical girl news, the new Precure season hasn't been legitimately leaked or officially previewed, and Happiness Charge continues to be a handful of great ideas emersed in a rancid gelatin mold of incompetence, so there's nothing really worth addressing there, either.  In fact, the only Precure thing I can discuss right now is that the new manga adaptation of every season looks good & I hope someone localizes it.  Sailor Moon Crystal is... good, not the best thing ever but also not the ruiner of childhoods so many say it is.  It just kinda feels... there.  I am looking forward to the new Madoka spinoffs being localized, even if Suzune Magica isn't among them at this time.  And in not-really-magical-girl stuff, I am now addicted to the feel-good world of Aikatsu! and I hope Daisuki localizes more episodes.

Western animation is still as frustrating as ever.  The usual reasons, of course - I don't feel like repeating them.  I am hoping that someone does an English version of Lolirock, as the French subs have  shown it to be Marathon's most solid show yet, and I'm excited to see Star Vs. The Forces of Evil next year, since it looks like a mix of the current style of comedies with magical girls.

Lastly, I'm hoping to resume the Omnicommentaries after the Pilot Program is finished. They aren't exactly well-read, but dammit, I'm gonna do 'em.  Alas, X-Men 2099 will be on hold until the line's mass creator walk-off can be confirmed or denied in a solid, non-hearsay way.

This... wasn't my most productive year, again for private life reasons.  Hopefully that will change in the future.


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