An end-of-year update

Hello, everyone.  I'm just putting a quick note to discuss soem of the semi-regular stuff that's being cycled in & out of Detritus before I get to an end-of-year summary.  First, though, let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukkah, Happy New Years, and Happy Anything Else I Missed.  Here's hoping 2013 isn't too painful.

Anyway, I'd like to update everyone on a column being bumped and another being started.  I won't give up on them permanently, but I've decided to put the Omnicommentaries on the shelf for a while.  I find myself tending too much towards the negative; reading these with adult eyes is making me see stuff that flew right over my younger self's head but now drives me bonkers.  I don't want to be mean, but I feel like some of the elements in those early Legionnaires issues (Saturn Girl & Live Wire's Lifetime-tastic romance, a "beach" issue with a gruesome mood-killing plot hole, Chris Gardner's scribble-doodles) cancel out a lot of the good and thus take over the focus of my reviews.  Part of it is the mood this year has put me in (family medical crises that dominate any & all free time tend to do that), and I'd like to set them aside until I can be a little less nasty.

In other news, I have been hit HARD by a wave of 90s X-nostalgia.  I'm surprised how well it actually holds up until around "Zero Tolerance", and it's brought back some theories & brainstorms I have had in the back of my head for years.  Thus, to share these no matter how stupid, I have devised X-Nonsense.  X-Men is the most batshit crazy soap opera in all media, and I gotta share my love of its weirder corners.  Especially since a lot of those older books have ideas that had the seeds of something interesting but were either fatally flawed, ignored, or fell victim to editorial's policy of dunking the writers' scripts in Wite-Out to be hastily rewritten.  So look for those whenever my nerd neurons randomly misfire.

I hope to get an end-of-year review together for next week.  Until then, have a good time.


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