Ink & Paint: Let's Hope It's Heart-Pounding

Another year, another Precure new series announcement.  It's the tenth anniversary or season, too (not sure which).  After the Hibiki-ness of Suite and the meandering dullness of Smile, it's hard to be optimistic.  It really is.  I detailed why earlier, so I won't repeat myself.  But you need to go into a new season with at least a semblence of a clean slate, so let's review the new Doki Doki! Precure official announcement poster.

First things first, I LOVE the card suit theme.  I thought using it as a sort of secondary theme in Fresh felt a bit wasted, and I like how they're playing around with some of the European & Tarot suits, too (for instance, Cure Sword is the spade & Cure Rosetta is the club, both parallels from those traditions).  So I'm looking forward to what they'll do with that.

Second, I like the throwback to the original Futari wa Precure series by having the mascots/transformation items be cell phone animal things.  The last few transformation items were odd, with only Heartcatch's perfume having a thematic tie-in to the series.  Going back to the old stand-by of a magical phone, something very common, is a pretty neat way to give the series an "anniversary" touch.

Overall, I like the designs.  I liked Suite's designer a lot, almost as much as Heartcatch, so seeing him turn up again is pretty nice.  I like some of the touches like Cure Heart's detatched sleeves and the big bows with Cockrum sashes.  And I LOVE Cure Rosetta's, combining three colors (yellow base, orange for hair, green for accents), probably the most.

Finally, here's translated info courtesy of the LJ fanclub.  The villains' set-up feels like a throwback to Futari wa, while their method reminds me of Heartcatch.  Overall, it sounds like it has a more focused & solid base than Smile's "fairy tale bad guys make people sad for some reason" modus operandi.

I'll be cautiously optimistic.  I'm not sure about the humanoid mascot, and I haven't heard anything about the girls' personalities yet other than conjecture.  But with the base info, there's enough there to like to cross my fingers and hope we finally get another decent Precure season.  For a tenth anniversary, it would only be appropriate.


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