List-O-Rama: Coming Attractions

Here's a brief guide to the subtitles/tags/what-have-you that I plan on using here.  Each first entry (barring this one) will open with a brief explanation of why it's being used.)

List-O-Rama: I have a thing for lists; they're a great way to get stuff off my mind and keep it organized.  Find them all in one convenient place!

Four Color Philosophy: The topic for discussions of newspaper comics and their peculiarities.

Comics Are Serious Business: Because they are, dammit, here's the topic for it.

Ink and Paint: Animation discussions.  Named after a division that may not even exist anymore in animation but was traditionally where the ladies gravitated/were forced.

Overthinking Everything: Reviews, ramblings on creative trends, and a catch-all for when I get all long-winded.

Omnicommentaries: Reviews for all things Legion-related; originally it was just for back issues, but I'm thinking about expanding it to the three new titles starting this fall.

After-Battle Report: Exclusively for snarking on Battle Chasers.

Retail Wrecks: I love to follow things like forgotten companies, dead malls, etc.

Outrageous!: Jem reviews.  One of my favorite shows, this will probably wait until the DVDs are out.

Nerdstalgia: When I get all wistful for stuff no sane person would lament or remember fondly.


  1. I really hate to tell you this, but Blogspot won't let you use "Outrageous!" as a tag because the exclamation point won't be allowed.

  2. Thanks, Ryan! I didn't even think of that - I'll just use the name without the exclamation point in the tags.

  3. No prob. I really wanted to use a "Ponies!" tag for my blog -- which a cursory scan of my blog will tell you would get used A LOT -- and I was actually quite disappointed that I had to modify it. Silly, I know, but hey.


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