Further updates

So... still not in the new house yet. Between cleaning it out, getting relatives down to look through everything for something they might want, and getting paperwork coordinated, it's taken a LOT longer than I expected.  My goal is to finally be in there and getting settled as of the end of this month, but I said that back in March...

Anyway, I'm hoping once I'm settled and on my own, I can turn out more substantial content for this blog.  I can finish the SW6 Omnicommentaries, I can move on to some other series including:

  • A bit of the post-Zero Hour Legion,
  • Jurgens' Teen Titans, 
  • A late 90s attempt at "modernizing" Power Pack, 
  • An Ultraverse entry called Freex that will be my first foray into Malibu's short-lived heyday,
  • The legendarily bad Mutant X, and
  • Should the fates align & some light be shed on some urban legends, X-Men 2099 at long last.
Along with some other off-the-cuff stuff, I hope to at least get an entry or two a month done once I'm settled.  I've been wanting to do this for YEARS now and been kicking myself the entire time thanks to real-life obligations constantly diverting me.  Maybe, with obligations largely to myself, I can prioritize my writing again in some way since I'm the only one that ever took it seriously at all.

(UPDATE 6/20/2016: For the curious few/none, still not moved in. Stupid mortgage process...)

(UPDATE 8/21/16: Guess who's finally a homeowner...)


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