Magical Girl Obsession: Tales of Fan Senshi Past

For a number of reasons, I've been thinking lately of old Sailor Moon fan senshi series.  I created some (they're down, so don't bother looking), and they're still one of my favorite things about the online Sailor Moon fan world.  So I decided to list off a few that are gone or dormant that left an impression on me.  If any of these are still standing or you can fill in any blanks, please let me know.  These are strictly ones that no longer exist; good stuff like the stories at Sailor AsteraTower of Time, and even the inactive Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy are still available to read.

The one I cannot remember the name of no matter how hard I try: This is what I mean about filling in info blanks. There was a fan series built around the premise of a now-grown Chibi-Chibi, who had become a separate person, traveling to other worlds and gathering a new team of senshi to fight with her against a great threat.  One was an elf-like woman who was a technological genius from a world where women were expected to be glorified servants; another was Android 18 from DBZ as Sailor Columba (don't ask me why I remember that).  It was mostly profiles, notes, and art without much actual story, but what was there was pretty well done.

Sailor Crystalstars: A really well-drawn, well-designed collaborative fan senshi team, they had a double-layered team of regular senshi & adviser senshi whose names were all "Sailor Crystal____" and had snazzy skirts where there was trim on the bottoms echoing whatever their powers were (for example, Sailor Crystalfyre had flames on her skirt).  The site maintainer and main artist was Crystalfyre, and she also offered free commissions (I ordered one for the main three heroines of a collaborative fan senshi series that my friends & I worked on in college, but I was the only one that liked the end result).  I think it dissolved largely due to her leaving to go to animation school, which is a damn fine reason.

Sailor Orion's Refuge: One of the first fan senshi known to have been released, this one built on a mix of anime & English dub continuity and was built around a group of characters who existed in one of three realms that held balance between reality.  This was taken down probably because Meghann McCall is now a published author herself.  Here's some lovely art of her from Sakky explaining just how big of an influence McCall's story & character are.

Sailor Sirius: Another super-early fan senshi, she was a blind African-American girl whose companion disguised himself as her guide dog and who regained her sight when she transformed.  Eventually, she had her own Chibi Moon analogue, and the Starlights returned, permanently stuck in their male bodies, with Yaten as her love interest/future husband.  This was up pretty much until the shutdown of Geocities.  But you can still find art of her in her cool three-color outfit and some nice art from UnconventionalSenshi.

Bunny's Stories: These are the ones I wish had survived the most.  These took fairly standard fan senshi concepts such as Sailor Sun, Sailor Earth, and the adventures of Chibi-Usa as an older senshi and gave them new, interesting twists.  Paired with the excellent artwork and character designs, they were some of my favorites, and I'm sad people can't still enjoy them like I did to appreciate just how good they were.

The first Sailor Sun I stumbled on: I wish I could remember more about her other than they were a dub-based team themed around named stars and the heroine had a truly impressive red-orange ponytail in her character design.

Lacking a good sign-off, I'll just put the picture I got of my old college-collab team from Sailor Crystalfyre. My character was the purple-haired girl in yellow.


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