X-Nonsense: Three Headcanons I Refuse to Drop

So I'm home sick, and I've been catching up on a great new podcast: Rachel and Miles X-Plain the X-Men.  Their last episode talked about "Deadly Genesis", and it reminded me of one of three things that, no matter what the actual books say, will always be considered 100% true in my nerd-heart.  I'm going in order from when the stories/characters affected were first introduced.

Wolverine is a father who outlived his young daughter:  One of the things I always liked was that Wolverine always has a surrogate daughter figure, no matter what era.  This led me to believe that, somewhere in his then-unexplained past, he had a like-aged daughter who died young.  Maybe illness, maybe not, but either way, he outlived a daughter he loved & now he doted on surrogates to make up for that loss.  Now that so much of his past has been revealed I don't think it's likely that will ever apply, but it doesn't change the fact that I find Wolverine's fatherly behavior towards Kitty, Jubilee, & Hiroko (among others) any less endearing.

The real Monet is dead, with the twins taking her form out of self-loathing:  The origins/story of Monet St. Croix are, putting it politely, a mindfuck.  I never liked the explanation we were given for her or for Penance's origins, especially since after it was all resolved a third Penance just sort of... showed up.  It was a total mess.  My theory was that the Monet that signed on with Generation X was the twins merged into her form, but they did this because the original Monet was murdered by their evil brother.  Why would they do this since it would mean the St. Croix would now have to deal with two missing children?  Because the twins were the unfavorites - one was a locked-in autistic & the other refused to leave her side.  Whereas Monet was beautiful, smart, and confident - clearly, the family would rather have her back than have the twins.  Any family that could spawn both Marius & Monet would be that shallow & heartless.  And they keep up the ruse because, with them as Monet, everyone seems to be happier; whether the twins themselves are, that remains to be seen.  I'd be miserable playing a masquerade my whole life, though.  As for Penance, she is exactly what her initial origin was - a Bosnian refugee & deaf-mute with zero ties to the St. Croix family.

The Krakoa at the Jean Grey School is Petra:  Here's one that came to me while listening to Rachel & Miles.  In "Deadly Genesis", we learn that four earlier students trained by Moira MacTaggart were killed by Krakoa in a failed rescue attempt before the canon second X-team showed up.  Naturally, not everyone actually was dead but of course, the two girls - the ones who had the most interesting powers & potential - stayed very dead.  Even a "What If" storyline where a writers' interview showed that they put some real thought into how Sway & Petra would work as characters failed to deliver on that, making the story yet another Kid Vulcan tale.  But after the "good" piece of Krakoa showed up that guards the Jean Grey School, I realized something - that piece of Krakoa houses Petra's consciousness.  Petra basically had the same powerset as Terra, and as she was dying, she burrowed herself & her surviving teammates into the soil to try & protect them; instead of dying, her body merged with the soil & her consciousness with it.  While her ability to communicate - and maybe much of her human memories - were lost, the fragment where she was merged landed on where the Jean Grey School would be built.  Driven by an instinctive desire to protect her fellow students, possibly out of a form of survivors' guilt (since this would be the second time she lived when others didn't), she takes it upon herself to guard the school in her new form with only a vague inkling that she may have once been human.

So yeah, those are my headcanons.  Even if what was printed contradicts it, I don't care.  I just like these better.  If anyone wants to share their own, feel free - these are usually more interesting than what we get.


  1. I refuse to stop believing that Jubilee will eventually live up to her potential as one of the most ridiculously powerful mutants on the fucking planet.


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