List-O-Rama: Top 5 FFT4HL Jobs Worthy of a Good Game

I'm doing this week's entry a little earlier than normal because I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.  So this one will be shorter than the rest.

After writing up last week's entry and thinking again what a disappointment the game was, I started thinking of the Jobs/Crowns that initially made it seem like an innovative game and not a frustrating mire.  So I picked my top five of Jobs from The 4 Heroes of Light that I would like to see attempted in another, better Final Fantasy game (ideally, as part of a sequel to FFV).

5.) Merchant:  The whole point of the Merchant class is to get more gems; they have a slight boost to their stats, just enough to keep them from being ridiculous, but they really just serve to make your party richer.  Just convert the "gems" acquisition to gil & you're good to go.  This is not as greedy as it sounds, especially if you have any Jobs that use Gil Toss abilities.

4.) Alchemist:  If you're like me & you kind of forget to use all of those attack items you get, this Job serves as a handy-dandy way to make them useful again.  Alchemists combine them in to new, better attack items or make existing ones more effective.  You won't feel like you wasted your turn on using a weaker version of 1st-tier attack spells again.

3.) Scribe:  In a game that was actually fun to play, the Scribe could be a great reward.  The job gives you stronger attacks, healing boosts, & stats based on how long you have played the game.  I personally could do without the multiplayer-based boosts (I can't get my DS to connect to my wifi no matter what I try & even if I could it's not like I have someone else to get all multiplayer with nearby), but so long as that's not the focus of the boosts, it'd work fine.

2.) Monk:  What you normally think of as a Final Fantasy Monk is called a "Fighter", as translating this Job with its Japanese name of "Taoist" would probably be a bit confusing to many players (I'll admit that I'm not sure where it comes from, even with research).  But either way, a job that allows you to control ghosts, serve as a conduit for your dead ally's skills if you can't revive them, and gives you a stat boost every time you die & are revived yourself.  It's a Job that rewards you for your screw-ups by giving you a second chance - how neat is that?

1. Seamstress:  This Job is insane, so insane that it'd be wasted if it failed to show up in another game.  Basically, a Seamstress takes your excess equipment and "sews" it into super-equipment; all of your excess weapon are stitched together to build their strength, along with armor as super-armor, and you can even "stitch" two characters together to give the Seamstress the other one's skills (this would be handy with a critical character who can't be easily healed).  In a proper game, you could use this job the way you might use the Alchemy Pot in the Dragon Quest games - mix the right combos of items together to get new, rare items that can only be created by Seamstresses.  If put in a game where it could really stretch its potential, it'd be more than just the token WTF Job.

These are proof that even in a Final Fantasy game that's a disappointment, they can still sneak in some positives that you'd like to see them revisit.


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