Ink and Paint: Smile! You're on Pretty Cure!

It's that time of year again, time for Toei to announce the new season of Pretty Cure.  Even if the most exposure I get are YouTube clips and stills with episode reviews (because I've had terrible, virusy experiences with fansubs and anime importers are apparenlty just as sexist as American producers), I still enjoy following the franchise.  It's the perfect combination of punch-inna-face action and magic girl frilliness.  So even though it'll inevitably be greeting with cries of "It's not as good as (insert favorite season/continuity here)!  It's the end of Precure!", I can't help but look forward to it and share my first impressions.

Here's the first poster from it (source link):

According to preliminary info, the series has a fairy tale theme and the characters are Cure Happy (pink), Cure Sunny (orange/red), Cure Peace (yellow), Cure March (green - her name references Maerchenland*, the magical world for this season & the German word for "fairy tale"), Cure Beauty (blue), and Candy (mascot critter).  They'll be tasked with defending Earth & Maerchenland* from the evil Pierrot Empire.  That's pretty much what's been confirmed.  There's also been some merch released with full body shots (source link):

(EDIT 12/2: Okay, so it turns out the names of the Cures are still speculation.  The names of the fairy assistant, enemies, & magical land are legit, but no one's sure where the 2chan posters got the names or if they're totally made up.  So I'll be using them as placeholders for now, since it makes it easier to discuss them.)

So it's time for initial impressions.

- While I'm not fully sold on the code names, the notion of a fairy tale themed series is really promising.

- Finally, another green cure!  And judging from the naming, she's going to be central to the theme/plot!  (EDIT 12/2: See note above - this might not be her final name.)  And Cure Sunny skews more towards orange, which is a color that hasn't really been used in the series except to accent yellow.

- While there's been some complaint about it, I actually like the crazy huge hair.  All of the designs this year seem to be pretty unique.

- The visible shorts are back, which is awesome.  I'd rather have those than layers & layers of improbably dense petticoats.  And there's elements of their uniforms that pleasantly remind me of both Heartcatch (my nominee for "Precure series that should be translated into English & aired on American TV") and Sailor Moon.

- I like how their footwear seems to be throwbacks to previous Precure designs.  It's a minor touch but it's one I like.

Overall, I like the initial designs.  We won't know till February-ish how they'll look once in motion, but for now, it seems to be pretty promising.  Personally, I can't wait to see the villain & civilian-form designs.  But for a fringe viewer like me, it looks like it'll be another intriguing entry into the Precure multiverse.


  1. And there's already fan art. Strangly, despite my off love of pink, this season's pink cure doesn't grab me. I'm leaning more towards green and orange/red this time.

    Somewhat related: rightstuf is doing their 12 Days of X-Mas sale, and if there's ever a good time to grab magic girl animes for cheap, this is the time.

    Their customer service is top notch too if your hesitant.


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