Magical Girl Obsession: Hugtto You, Too - Precure Leak Reactions

It's the most wonderful time of the year: Precure Leak Season!

I have to admit, through not much fault of its own, I've kind of drifted away from Kira Kira Precure a la Mode; the site I used decided to make like every other fansub site and align with some shady advertisers that every form of protection I have on my devices rebelled against me ever visiting.  I found some of what I could watch boring (I missed the fights & flashy attacks that weren't just glitter water), and thanks to my situation, I wound up missing really interesting developments with the characters (especially the villains). Because of this, I'm not too optimistic I'll be able to even watch Hugtto Precure when it comes out, unless I find a safer place to do so. 

Which kind of stinks cuz I really dig these designs.

The theme this year apparently, according to a translation of the preview page on the official site, is "follow your dreams, you can do anything". So it seems pretty open-ended, while still echoing the theming in Go Princess Precure that I found so well-implemented.  Fans are guessing that the outfits of the Cures are meant to evoke jobs they're aiming to have, which I can see.

(Pictures from Twitter user aers00)

There are already some possible preliminary names out there (nothing official, so I'll be using them with both the color descriptions.

  • Her hair is okay aside from those bangs; I'm just going to assume that the baby fairy cut them for her to see what would happen.
  • She clearly has a cheerleader motif, what with her cute pom-pom wrist bands and her sporty skirt.  Her top, however, reminds me of a marching band uniform.
  • She's the only one of her team without any sort of cape, but to make up for it, she has a cute Sailor Moon-esque bow that's pretty cute.
  • As a character, she looks like a loud & energetic girl, to contrast with her teammates.
  • The color-blocked bodice on her outfit reminds me of Smile, and I like that her theme color seems to be white as much as blue.
  • Again, she has very nice hair except for her bangs. What is that thing in the center? Did she forget to curl it?
  • She has a cute capelet! I love capelets - they're cute AND more practical than a full cape!
  • She looks very gentle & demure.
  • Once again, the yellow Cure is my favorite design. I especially love her stylish 60s stewardess hat; magical girls + hats = awesome.
  • It looks like she has a gauzy lighter jacket thing over a more fitted dress, which is a bit of a different look for Precure, and I like her cuffs (which remind me of the cuffs worn by Anthy in Utena when she was the Rose Bride).
  • She has a full cape, which might make her look a little too layered with her jacket, but I'll need a better look to judge.
  • She looks like a mature & mellow character. Her backstory is that she's a (former?) figure skater, which is a neat choice for the athletic Cure role.
  • She's... okay. I'm not a big fan of the baby fairy characters. Chiffon was okay, and Haa-chan at least got to grow up & eventually become Cure Felice, but Ai-chan was just creepy. Hopefully, she'll be decent.
  • I do think she might be related/connected to Cure Yell. After all, they very conspicuously have the same hair piece. It'd be kind of neat if they were sisters. 
  • There is a fourth transformation trinket that's white, so I think she'll be another Cure Felice, where we watch her grow up & eventually join the team.
  • On one hand, it's a fat hamster & looks super happy. On the other hand, it also vaguely reminds me of Coco, who was just a wealth of wrongness. If he turns out to have a horrendously screechy voice and turn into an older guy creeping on middle schoolers he's teaching, I'll be super disappointed.
  • While his name isn't confirmed as far as I can tell, it is confirmed he has a human form described as ikeman (handsome), so now I'm really afraid he's the second coming of Precure's ickiest mascot.
  • About the only thing I like about him is that he is said to have a Kansai accent like Tarte. But everything about him is just... gah. One person on PCLJ described him as "unholy fusion of Tarte & Coco", and that's probably on the nose. Not looking forward to this thing.
  • I've heard some people complaining that the Cures have make-up. I get that complaint; the last time they tried to give them make-up, it was in Happiness Charge & looked really bizarre. I'm not sure about the lipstick (it's not as overly pastel as HaChaPre's lipstick was), but I do like the pronounced eyelashes. It really makes the girls' faces & eyes stand out more than usual.
  • Again, I worry about the designs being a bit too busy to avoid falling victim to Toei Quality.
  • Finally, I like their phones. In fact, maybe it's because I've been reading them, but they remind me of how the Magical Phones are described in the Magical Girl Raising Project novels. They're very specifically heart shaped like this (unlike the weird egg shape the anime used), and this is super close to how I picture them in my head. So that's a neat little touch, at least to me.
There's a lot we don't know yet. Like I said before, the names aren't confirmed, there's no info on the plot or villains, and I don't know if they're gonna do another season sans the dazzling fights (which, to me, are what makes Precure unique).  And again, I don't know if I'll even be able to safely watch it at all. But here's hoping this season lives up the promise of its interesting designs.

UPDATE 12/10/17: I've amended the above with confirmed names and additional info. I'm also happy that the added info included a promise to return to the dazzling attacks & fights, as well as cameos from past Cures in-series (as opposed to HaChaPre's quickie intros). So now I'm looking more forward to this season. Aside from the hamster, at least.

UPDATE 12/13/17: Amended the name & info/impressions of Coco 2.0.


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