Pilot Program footnotes: Useful Links

So, in case you wanted some supplemental links and side opinions to go with the Pilot Program, I've created this endnotes page.  It's a little sparse - for some reason, even the internet doesn't care about 80s failed toy-derived cartoons even as its wallows in nostalgia for them - but what I can share is pretty entertaining.

For anyone interested in watching the Pilot Program subjects, I've compiled a YouTube playlist in order of the write-ups.  The only multi-part subject is Poochie, but the rest are the full shows.  Enjoy and then let me know your impressions of the subjects, if you feel like it.

In what may be a case of "something in the water", this past month has seen two of my favorite video game related places cover the last two subjects on their respective platforms.
  • First, we have the Retronauts podcast and a career review of Rare, starting with their ZX Spectrum days as Ultimate Play the Game. As someone who knows little about British gaming other than Jet Set Willy existed and was super hard, it's quite educational.
  • Then, Juan "SomecallmeJohnny" Ortiz has the misfortune of reviewing the entire Bubsy series. Whoever donated the game to him is... not a nice person. It's made me very glad I never made it to that canyon land, though, and he is spot on about that pilot.
Lastly, a bit of explanation.  This was originally a seven-part review series, with the Pryde of the X-Men pilot/special being slated for the final subject.  However, while it was an... interesting subject, there was nothing new I had to say about it that others haven't.  And what I did have to say deteriorated into fannish "well, actually" comments about the show versus the 80s X-Men comics versus the 90s Fox Kids series.  There's enough of that online already.

With that, the Pilot Program project has completed. I hope everyone who wasn't an Eastern European spambot enjoyed it. And to the person(s) who keep googling for "Star Fairies reboot", I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.


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