MGO: Let the Precure specula begin!

Because it's a genre I like & talk about a LOT, I've decided to create yet another sub-category.  Welcome to the inaugural Magical Girl Obsession (MGO) entry, not the first of its topic but the first to bear the name.

Since October is traditionally when news about the next Precure series starts to be found (usually by people combing patent info), I've heard some folks start speculating what they'd like to see in the next season of Precure.  I usually reserve full judgement until I at least hear a title & see one bit of imagery (increasingly, it's from merchandise listings rather than releases), but given the past couple of seasons, I am making a short wish list of things I want from the next season of Precure.

A New Showrunner:  This one should be obvious.  Ever since Hiroaki Shibata took over starting with Doki Doki, the series has been known more for its wasted potential & gross missteps than actual decent plots/characters.  HaChaPre should straight-up be retitled Wasted Potential Precure, since it seems to take great ideas (the international Cures, Cure Honey's fight-song method, the form changes) and ignore them in favor of bad ones.  We've got everyone having a love interest or being part of a love plotline, and no one learned from Yes! that the series just cannot do romance.  We've got the wasted potential - or at least tone-deaf portrayal - of the international Cures, who apparently come from a world where everyone is pale.  We have Queen Mirage's plotline, which is a skeevy "woman scorned" cliche.  Even the stuff that's improved - like Cure Fortune settling into "kind of annoying" after being actively unlikable for so long - hasn't improved by much.  The player that had the most unique approach, Cure Honey, is a one-note character obsessed with food who rarely uses her cool singing tactic, let alone awesome giant clover from space attack.  Also, between that episode about Yuko & Phantom and the Doki Doki movie, it's pretty clear that this guy fetishizes dead dogs the same way Batiuk fetishizes cancer; it's seriously disturbing.  And that's not even getting into Doki Doki, whose reputation as The Mana Show at the expense of way more compelling characters speaks for itself.  If Precure is going to be not frustrating, Toei needs to get someone else in charge of it.  Alas, since like American execs their main concern is the sale of plastic crap, it probably won't happen unless the toys are as uninspired as the seasons.

A Popular Theme Used:  Nearly every fan (guilty as charge here) has used a theme built around jewels, desserts, and/or seasons for fan Cures.  These seem like obvious choices for a magical girl theme, but they haven't really been used by Precure officially yet.  It'd be cool to see them use these themes, since they're (a) full of built-in potential and (b) already popular.

Singing Cures:  Maybe it's because I'm bummed Cure Honey hasn't used singing as her primary fighting method or maybe it's because I've gotten hooked on shows like Aikatsu & AKB0048, but having Cures who are singers & have to balance their careers with their superheroics or integrate music/dance into their attacks properly would be pretty fun.  And there's your tie-in, Toei - singing Cures equal music sales.

Underused Colors:  If nothing else, I'd appreciate it if we had another green Cure.  We've had two.  Both have had the worst hair of their seasons, too.  I'd love it if they used an under-represented color like green or orange or aqua/teal for a change and not as an accent color like Rosetta had.

Precure is the Super Sentai of magical girl shows; if you love the genre, you have to at least respect it and want it to keep going.  I'd like it to do so better (see the first item on my wish list), and seeing it just be good TV is really what most viewers want, even if they don't say it.


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