Ink and Paint: Magical Maidens

Two posts in as many days?  Yeah, I know, Satan's probably looking for the blankets right now.  But thanks to the very smart & insightful Jeff Harris on Twitter, I have another rambling train of thought to address:

"Speaking of that new Sailor Moon series, when are we going to see anything from it? A sketch, a publicity shot, anything? I know more about Ladybug than the new Sailor Moon, and they've been working on that for a couple of years." - Jeff "Nemalki" Harris

Once he said that, I realized he was right - I haven't heard anything about Toei's new Sailor Moon series since last year.  Usually, about now, you'd at least see ads or a one-minute preview making the rounds; after all, the series is supposed to air in May of this year.  Yet, Toei's been pretty silent.  But I have a theory.

Y'see, Toei is one of the biggest backers of a new international streaming service that's due to roll out called Daisuki.  I wouldn't be surprised if, when they finally make the service public, they're holding the new Sailor Moon back as a marquee debut for Daisuki.  It's an internationally known franchise, so what better show to use to promote your new site than subbed legal streaming of a much-anticipated revival?  Of course, since the details on Daisuki are still rather basic, that's just me wishing & hoping at this stage.

The other series addressed, Ladybug, has a whole different set of issues.  The awesome preview vid for this Toei/Zagtoon international show has been making the rounds and has many people (myself included) pretty psyched to see the end product.  What I'm doubtful about is ever seeing it legally in this country.  The best I can hope for is a quickie dub that airs at 3AM on Nicktoons because this country is so hostile to the notion of a female-headlined series unless it has a vocal, somewhat obnoxious male following.  (And let's hope we never have 48 conventions for "Ladybros" or something.)  But again - Toei co-owns Ladybug, Toei is part of Daisuki.  Daisuki is my best hope of seeing Ladybug legally & subtitled as well as new Sailor Moon.

And since we're talking Toei and magical girls, I'd be remiss if I skipped mentioning Precure.  What I've seen of the latest season, as well as finally seeing both Fresh & Heartcatch before the Youtuber's account was nerfed, makes me desperately want to see more.  I'd love if the series as a whole - and not just the subtitled Hawaiian air version of the very first series - appeared on Daisuki.  Yeah, it would probably overpopulate the fandom, but again, it would also show that "magical girl" is not synonymous with "bad romance & dull action" a la the one example available on TV right now.

I guess the end result of all this is that I hope Daisuki isn't a load of hot air.  That Daisuki is a success and offers more than icky moe stuff or stuff that's already more than readily available.  It is the best hope of seeing a wider variety of magical girl offerings just because of the players involved.  And if Daisuki is the reason the new Sailor Moon has been hidden from previews, I am okay with that.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that maybe - just maaaaybe - I'm not totally wrong this time.


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