Omnicommentary update

The drafts are at the halfway point for Legionnaires, not counting a smattering of random issues from the reboot I want to discuss.

I am still feeling oddly nostalgic and want to prove to myself as much as to the internet that not everything from the Nineties that isn't in the "this is the exception" column was automatically crap.  So I thought about a series I really enjoyed that I only stopped following because the newsstand where I bought most of the books dropping the title around issue #15 or so.  Something that had a fairly short run.

Something... X-Men-y.

As soon as the Legion is done, we'll be taking a visit to the year 2099 and see if, when the rest of the Marvel Universe goes to hell, if this means things actually improve for mutants.  This will be as much discovery for me as nostalgia, so I hope it'll be fun.


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