A General Note for November

If you see a post here after today, it will mean I failed.

I am trying to refrain from blogging during the month of November to concentrate on NaNoWriMo.  Even if I wind up writing a goddamned fanfic, I want to make it.  I haven't succeeded since 2007, and each year's returns have dwindled to less and less.  I am sick of it, and I want to make a concerted effort to hit that magic number this year, even if it's crap.  Since I can't remove real-world distractions like work or chores or sleeping, I have opted to abstain from blogging here (among other pasttimes - sorry, Dragon Quest IX).

That means that the third Omnicommentary will have to wait.  Addressing the sale of the Fraggle Rock movie rights to a studio that will inevitably produce a product designed to make me livid with nerd rage will have to wait.  Addressing Sam Register's maybe-brilliant-maybe-doomed decision to give Lauren Faust a girl-centric superhero show on the DC Nation block will have to wait.  Anything else that enters my feverish little derpy brain will have to wait, dammit.  It's November.  I am not failing again.

Wish me luck.


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