Ink and Paint: Remember Your Quest

Someone made a two-hour-plus documentary on the making of Jonny Quest.

I repeat - some wonderful mad genius made a documentary celebrating America's first action-adventure franchise, the first one of its genre to air in prime time (the only one that was a regular series) at a time when the only acceptible way to discuss Jonny Quest is to discuss how lame and unworthy of modern respect it is.

For all the good that's in Venture Brothers, I can't bring myself to respect it.  It has killed any hopes of getting a proper revival of Jonny Quest; it goes beyond the affectionate parody of Freakazoid!'s "Toby Danger" short or the wink-wink elbowing humor of Harvey Birdman into being downright mean-spirited and inviting people who've never seen the series in any form to hold it in scornful disdain.  Even when planning a woefully miscast, now mercifully stuck in Development Hell, movie, Warner Brothers can't even be bothered to see that "Jonny" isn't spelled with an H.  But what can we expect when the current Scooby-Doo revival is apparently being run by someone who hates the series and wants to make it "edgier" by making the cast as unpleasant as a Man of Action joint?

Whoever you are, documentary makers, I love you.  I love you all.  My dream of seeing another revival of this done straight - even if it's the older TRAJQ cast (which seems more likely, since networks like teen heroes more nowadays) - lives because I know I'm not alone in seeing the value in Jonny Quest.  And remembering how to spell his name right.


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