Comics Are Serious Business: A Pertinent Quote

So I was surfing on The Nerdy Bird, when one of their commenters (someone by the name of Gerry) says this in regards to comic fandom on the internet:

"I'm a little tired of the fanboy rage in general on the internet, every time a change comes along. They complain they are tired of the same old thing, then complain when the companies try to change things."

Good Lord, do I agree. 

Gerry's comment was in regards to the frankly appalling reactions to the announcement that Ultimate Spidey will no longer be a white guy but rather a mixed-race Hispanic named Miles Morales.  The kindest complaint I've heard is that Miles' creation is somehow "pandering", but the complainer cannot state how other than having a person who is not the same race as a hero being inspired to pick up his legacy & duties out of respect is somehow 100% a hacky marketing decision.  But believe me, there's been much worse.  MUCH worse.  This is the first time in a long time Marvel has done something creatively that's peaked my interest (because it's a very DC/legacy thing to do), and it's already being rejected outright for spurious reasons.  But the new Ultimate Spidey, sadly, isn't the only thing.

Worse is directed towards the DC Relaunch, which hasn't even been seen in preview pages that are readily (or probably legally) available.  Apparently, by its mere existence, it is doomed to failure, rich with hackwork, solidifying comicdom as a men's club, and proof that the Big Two are creatively bankrupt & only independets/webcomics/insert-pet-medium-here offer any real effort.  It will be at least another two weeks before these books are available for sale, yet their very presense in the fabric of reality is making comic shops spontaneously shutter.  One incredibly cooked survey & one pissed-off response to a person speaking out of turn in a con panel is somehow proof that Gail Simone is the only woman allowed to touch DC's works, even though there are other female creators who can't reveal what they're doing because of NDAs; apparently, they're supposed to get in legal trouble & lose those jobs just so we'd know what they might have been. 

And as for that last one?  Yes, I'm sure dour autobiographical comics, webcomics that make Funky Winkerbean look sensitive & nuanced, and half-assed knockoffs of the mainstream will keep comic shops & readers afloat better than products that are more mainstream and reek less of ego masturbation.  (And don't get me started on one example, where apparently offering your work for free but encouraging people to buy it so you can play the "nyah-nyah, I still win" game when they steal it is perfectly logical and not at all attention-whorey.)  I'm sorry, I have never once subscribed to the "independent is good & pure" mindset, since it's just as poisonous as slavishly following the mainstream, and right now, since it's more vocal, it's getting more of my hate.  I have read good indie comics, but their supporters are NOT helping their cause.

There is one troll on Major Spoilers who must seek out every post about DC comics, relevant or otherwise, to complain about how him dropping his books will shutter stores along the country and lead a vast boycott.  There are people (who I otherwise like) prone to fits of Tourrette's just to bitch about any sort of mainstream change and get on their "independents are holy & sacred" soapbox.  They annoy me.  They make me understand why, at least on Twitter, Ron Marz gets testy & sarcastic, Gail Simone practically has to plead with people to just read one issue before complaining, and others have up & quit.  Comic fandom, as a whole, has been dominated by the whiniest, most entitled voices who are so myopic that they presume to speak for us all.  Thus, we are all painted with the brushes of bigoted creatures of habit.  I, for one, am sick of it, and I hope others are as well.  It's just so pervasive that I'm afraid we can't do anything about it.


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